Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Isabel Lucas Is One Hell Of A Hottie

Isabel Lucas
 I don’t think I put Isabel Lucas up on the site enough, the girl has talent in the sexy department. Here she is at some event showing off her winning smile and tight little body. I like a woman who, even when she’s got this much clothing on, you can tell that she’s got a great body under there. Now if there was only some way to convince her to show it to me. If I were a millionaire I’d offer free vacations to hot chicks at my tropical villa just so I could see them in their bikinis. I guess I’d have to do it all via webcams, I couldn’t be there, I can’t wear a bathing suit around hot chicks, are you kidding me? clicK on  Pictures and enjoy a big size.
Isabel Lucas 1
Isabel Lucas 2

Isabel Lucas 3

Isabel Lucas 4

Isabel Lucas 5
Isabel Lucas 6

Isabel Lucas 7

Isabel Lucas 8

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