Sunday, January 2, 2011

People's Choice Awards Nominees 2011 - Part 2

4. Robert Pattinson
FAVORITE MOVIE ACTORPeople's Choice Awards Nominees 2011It's tough to find an actor the ladies like better than Robert Pattinson, so, naturally, he wound up getting a nod for the show's top male category. If the Twi-hards have their way, this vampire will emerge victorious on January 5th.

5. Taylor Lautner
FAVORITE MALE ACTORPeople's Choice Awards Nominees 2011Remember how we said it'd be tough to beat a star like Robert Pattinson in this category? Well, a fellow Twilight actor could be the man for the job. Taylor Lautner charmed audiences with his werewolf performance in 2010, and he's currently busy filming the next installment.

6. Angelina Jolie
FAVORITE MOVIE ACTRESSPeople's Choice Awards Nominees 2011Angelina Jolie came out with two action-packed movies in 2010: Salt and The Tourist. Neither flick blew the critics away, but that doesn't mean the fans didn't love her! She got enough votes to make her a contender for the top People's Choice actress category.
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